Fears of Being a ‘Bad’ Mom

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I consider myself an experienced mother now that I have three small children. I don’t freak out when they get sick, I manage to get them to eat a healthy and varied diet, and I’m almost finished with the sleep issues (although Ellie is recently making another valiant effort at trying to cripple me with her recent 1 to 2 hour-long, no-reason, wakeups at 2am — I will prevail!!)

So why do I feel like I am a bad mom? It’s all about that mommy guilt and I am a huge sufferer of it.  I actually do feel that I have several weaknesses that don’t parlay into being a great mothering figure.

First of all, I never really was a baby person so the three plus years of intense baby time that I have experienced has been a complete drudgery to me with the occasional glimpses of humor (like when I had three diapered children screaming bloody hell at the same time because of runny poo all over their legs and I was only able to change one at a time while the other two ran around contaminating everything in the room).

Ok, there is one caveat about babies.  Breastfeeding was truly a special experience and one that still gives me warm fuzzies when I remember it.

Second, I’m selfish.  I miss the days of doing whatever I wanted.  Going out to restaurants and movies, meeting friends at bars, having a career, sitting around and reading a great book, and just tending to my own needs.  This causes me to now seek alone time whenever I can.  When the twins go down for a nap, I feel a strong desire to get on the computer and browse my favorite sites even though I still have my oldest, Will, clamoring for attention from me.  It is so hard for me to muster up some creative energy for him and that is something I really want to change.

Third, I find there are more stresses and unpleasantness than there are joys right now.  I see moms around me and I know moms who say “Oh, I love being a mom!”.  I certainly DON’T love it.  I do find special moments when my heart swells with love and gratefulness for my children, but right now I have to say that the pendulum is swinging to the “Not Fun” side of motherhood.  I keep getting reassured that this will change as they get older.

Finally, let me say I adore my kids and I am fiercely protective of them.  I wouldn’t change my decision to have them but I worry that my issues make me a less than perfect mom.  I strive to improve these weaknesses day by day.  Is there anyone else out there that has similar feelings?  Please share and make me feel less like a failing mom!


Trying not to be so down on the English, but they make it so easy….

Ok, this is a quickie. Yesterday, I went to Gymboree with the 3 kids and had some time beforehand so I went to Starbucks to get a chai latte. I love Starbucks. I know it’s this big, boring corporation but they have target marketed me perfectly….nice ambiance, great for bringing in a big double stroller, lots of goodies to choose from for the kids, and lovely, indulgent, hot drinks.

So anyway, I’m paying for my drink and have my double stroller with the twins beside me and Will is on the other side clutching his lollipop that I consented to buy him so that he would quietly watch the twins from the sideline in Gymboree. There are about 4 people in line behind me and the cafe is about half full of people. I finish paying and then suddenly realize that the twins are gone. I turn around and I see that Jack (who was on the bottom of my Phil and Ted stroller) has managed to propel it backwards about 6 feet with his fat little leg. Not one person in line, nor anyone at the tables whom he has backed the stroller into has uttered a peep to let me know. In fact, the people in line actually had to move out of the way of the moving stroller when it was rolling backwards. What the hell??? What is wrong with these people? If the stroller was rolling into traffic would they even bother with a “pardon me”?   The people in line actually looked annoyed at me as if this was an inconvenience to them. I just don’t get it.

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Holiday from Hell: Chicken Pox Strikes!

Well, we survived a 30-hour train journey across Europe with 3 sick children to return home from our holiday because we wouldn’t be allowed on a plane.  It was one hell of a vacation.  It started out relatively nice.  We rented a villa in southern Italy near Brindisi.  We survived the two flights we had to take to get there and settled in nicely to our villa and pool.  We even got a couple of days at the beach which was only 30 minutes away.  Then about half-way through the week I noticed some red marks on Ellie.  They looked just like bed bugs and I got really irritated with the owners.  Jack had some marks as well so I thought that their mattresses must be infested.  Will was fine.  We took out the two crib mattresses and lay them in the hot sun all day.  The next day, Ellie was so much worse.  She was covered in red blisters.  I was overwhelmed with rage, thinking that the bugs were just everywhere.  The owners came by to see the twins and when she saw Ellie, she asked if perhaps it might be chicken pox.  DUH!!  It never even occurred to me but that’s exactly what it was.  I guess I just didn’t imagine that chicken pox would show up on our vacation.  Just great!  The twins both had it (although Jack just mildly) and it looked like Will was starting to get some spots as well.  There was no way they were going to let us on a plane the way Ellie looked — she was covered with sores and looked like a leper.  The last two days of our week were basically shot — no sun, no pool, just hanging around in shade which the kids hated.

So we had to figure out how to get home.  We were desperate.  We did not want to stay there another week or more, especially given how remote our location was.We briefly thought about disguising Ellie and getting on the plane anyway but then our moral side got the better of us.  The other two options were driving or taking the train.  We were at the southern tip of Italy and had to make it across Europe to England.  Neither option was great but the train was definitely the better alternative.

We started with an overnight train from Brindisi to Milan.  It didn’t sound too bad at first.  We would get a sleeper car just for the 6 of us (my sister-in-law was with us, thank goodness!)  What we didn’t realize was that Ellie was at the height of her illness and had fever and itching that kept her awake all night.  She was miserable and so were we.

After Milan, we took a train to Basel, Switzerland.  That ride was lots of fun with the three kids whining away and us getting into a yelling match with an uppity English guy who told us that our children were misbehaved!  I couldn’t believe his gall!  From Basel we took a train to Paris and then at 9pm at night, more than 24 hours after we started, we caught our last train to London.  The journey was still not over because we needed to an hour long taxi home after that.  Finally, we walked in the door at midnight.  The relief I felt was overwhelming!

Later that week I was feeling quite good, thinking that we had overcome the chicken pox hurdle for all three children.  However, the gods were not finished with us yet.  A week later, Jack wakes up with a bunch of red spots and Will does as well a few days later.  It turns out that their ‘mild’ case of chicken pox was not enough to immunize them from getting it in full force.  How fun!  So, basically July has been dubbed “Chicken Pox Hell”!

Junior Beds for the Twins: A Three Ring Circus

It’s been a while because I’m swamped with doing three different sets of taxes, two of them terribly late.  But now I have two hours on my own at a car service center waiting for my safety inspection, which is giving me the perfect opportunity to write.

My latest adventure involves the twins’ sleep (upon which most of my well-being and happiness seem to depend).  We have finally had a week of very fine weather which the Brits would call ‘hot’ but I consider very comfortable at about 75/80 degrees during the day.  Our house is an old Victorian house with no air conditioning, like most English houses, and the heat seems to build primarily in the twins’ bedroom which is south-facing.  Because of the heat, I can’t put sleep sacks on them anymore and with this newfound freedom my daughter Ellie  attempts to sling her leg over the side of her crib anytime her feet are unfettered.  She wants to escape but hasn’t grasped that she will go flying head first to the ground if she succeeds, probably breaking her neck.  I did briefly consider restraints but thought the health and safety crew might come after me for breaking rule 12,453 of their code.  No, the best alternative would be eliminating the crib and putting her into a junior bed.

Fortunately, I had already purchased two junior beds for Ellie and Jack.  I was dreading the transition.  We put the beds in the center of the room, moved their cribs against the windows so we could open the windows without worrying about the twins trying to climb out, and lay them in the beds.  Ellie and Jack popped up immediately and started jumping up and down on the beds and then running around the room like Energizer bunnies.  I was sort of at a loss and decided to do the regular night-time routine and then just leave them to it.    We locked the door and then watched the video monitor for the next 3 hours.  Holy SHIT!  It’s like there were two Tasmanian devils wreaking havoc in the room.  They got into EVERYTHING!  First Ellie cried for a while, banging on the door, and then she antagonized her brother a bit, trying to take away his security blanket.  Jack was worse.  He grabbed the monitor and unplugged it before I realized what he had done.  I moved it further out of reach.  He then went after the lamp which I thought was totally out of reach — my mistake.  He pulled it down to the floor and was turning on and off, on and off, until I got there and removed it.  Ellie finally passed out half on and half off  Jack’s bed which Jack found amusing so he kept poking her trying to get her to react.  When he finally managed to wake her after 20 minutes, he passed out on his bed while she wailed.  It was 10pm before both had fallen asleep.

Needless to say, they haven’t taken any naps in the two days since we brought out the beds.  How the hell am I going to get them to sleep??  I welcome your suggestions.

Why are you staring? — Am I a spectacle?

I am getting really sick and tired of being stared at when I am out with my kids. Does anyone else have this problem or is this just an English thing? Here is an example:

I decide to go to the coffee shop with the kids which is one of the only places I can go around here with the kids that is indoors without going to a full-fledged restaurant. It’s pretty pathetic actually — that’s my little outing for the morning when I am really stretched for ideas with the kids and I am on my own. For those of you who wonder why I can’t take them to playgroups alone, you have to imagine trying to monitor my three kids under 4 in a room full of little kids and play equipment. It’s nearly impossible without one of my kids hurting themselves or someone else. So I usually have to stay at home on the days my nanny doesn’t work or go somewhere like the coffee shop where I can buckle the little ones into the high chairs and hope like hell my eldest, Will, behaves. Now back to my point…

I wheel my double stroller and pre-schooler into the coffee shop with some difficulty, navigating the door and a step with Will struggling to push the door open and no one coming over to help but lots of them watching (including another mum with a baby of her own — COME ON!!! Where is your mum solidarity??) So I finally get inside, get in line trying to push the stroller as close to the counter as possible so that people can get by while trying to rein Will in from bumping into people, grabbing the treats on display, and chattering away at full volume. Uh-oh, and now the twins start fussing because we’ve stopped moving and we’re in a stuffy room. I finally get my order and I scan the room for a table with space around it, and navigate around people’s tables to get to our spot. It takes me about 5 minutes to get everyone set up. Jackets off, two high chairs, push the stroller to the side, get snacks out for the little ones, get Will seated and eating his snack, and finally I get to sit down with my coffee. Ahhhhh. The three children are momentarily occupied so I scan the room. Right next to me I see an elderly couple and the man is openly staring at me. I glance away and a minute later look back again. He’s still staring at me and not averting his eyes!! I get distracted by fussing at the table, fighting among the children about snacks, the usual chaos, and I know my time is getting short. I try to drink my coffee quickly. I feel the stare on me still. I look again and this time I don’t break my gaze. How obnoxious — he won’t stop staring with a slight smirk this time!   I have to look away because the kids are getting restless so I get them ready for leaving — faces wiped, picking up food off the floor, coats on, into the stroller for the twins and Ellie starts to scream because she doesn’t want to get into the stroller. Right about this time, the old man who hasn’t stopped staring has the nerve to say, “It is only going to get harder” with that damn smirk on his face. I’m about to lose it because I am already feeling self-conscious and I’ve been desperately trying to keep everyone calm the entire time just so I could enjoy one fucking cup of coffee outside my house. Instead of snapping at him, which would probably play right into his condescension, I hold everything in and give him a sunny smile and say, “Oh really? I don’t find them any trouble at all. They are wonderful lively children and I love every minute with them.”  I feel really proud of myself for not giving him the upper hand.  Who would say that to a mom who is clearly struggling and trying to not create a scene.  Is that supposed to make me feel better?  What an asshole!! I pack them all up and stroll out of the coffee shop.

This is just one isolated incident but basically this happens to me all the time.  Usually without the comments thank goodness.  But everywhere I go people are staring and it usually is the elderly who are the worst.  Is having three young children so unusual?  My twins are not even identical!  Maybe there is something flamboyant about how I go about my business — who knows?  I just get sick and tired of feeling like I stick out like a sore thumb over here.

Babies Are Bad For Your Marriage

I am hoping this will change once the twins are a little older but I do think that having babies is the worst thing you can do for your marriage! Let’s recap the progression of my relationship with Jason:

1996 – We meet and are instantly attracted to each other but are dating other people.

1997 – We spend the last year flirting outrageously and finally get together after ending both of our previous relationships.

1998 – 2003 – Terribly sexy and fulfilling relationship. He’s the one. Can’t imagine life without him.

2004 – We get married!

2004 – 2006 – Married life is good. Enjoy big cities as a young married couple. Deal with usual small issues but all is good.

2006 – My first son is born.  Life changes dramatically.  Sleep is a huge issue and I do not deal with it well.  Lots of sniping with husband.

2007 – Things get a little better but there is no more time for “us”.   Life with one child seems overwhelming, especially in London with no family around.

2008 – The twins are born.  We look back at life with one child as the good life.  All hell breaks loose.  I never sleep a full night again.  I am a wreck and I do not treat my husband well.  (He is no angel either).

2009 – Things do not get better.

2010 – I am terribly hopeful that my husband and I can ‘rediscover’ each other.  It seems like I am just trying to get through each day.  I shower my babies with love but there is not much leftover for my husband.  Some days I think how different our life would be if we didn’t have three children under four years old.  How do people keep marriage alive with small children?? I have become such a grouch and he is not much better.

My advice to newly married couples:  Wait to have children!

I’m not having a fourth child!

It’s morning and I’m hunched over a cup of decaf (because I want to nap as soon as Julia gets here). My three small children have tormented me throughout the night and a mantra keeps repeating in my head: “I’m not having a fourth child, I’m not having a fourth child…” It’s crazy to even think that I was considering it down the road. I’m a 39-year-old married woman (40 is around the corner-yikes!) and I have three children, Will, 3 1/2 years old, and twins Jack and Ellie, 16 months. We live outside of London in the U.K. and have been here 4 1/2 years now. My three children were born here.

Last night was a winner. Both twins have terrible colds with hacking coughs and they woke up repeatedly all night, including a 1 1/2 hour stint from Ellie where she refused to lie down around 3am. Even Will woke up once crying for his pacifier. I think every mum plays that entertaining game of ‘find the pacifier’ in the middle of the night.  Sometimes you’re lucky and sometimes you’re screwed.  Last night I was lucky.I know we need to get him to stop using it at night but I JUST don’t have the energy right now.  So now I am essentially ignoring the children as they wander around the living room. Will is dancing along to Shrek with a sequin fairy skirt and a frilly hat –imagine how much we LOVE that ensemble!  Who knows what trouble the twins are getting into….it is a little quiet, hmm.

Enough about my personal torments, let me talk about this blog. I know everyone has a blog out there so this is definitely nothing new, especially yet ANOTHER mom talking about her life. Why am I doing it? A few reasons:

1. I live an isolated life here in England staying home with the kids and find it very hard to make English friends. I don’t have anyone to talk to on a regular basis so this seems like a great outlet.

2.  My husband always says that I have no filter in my brain before I speak therefore some of my observations might be amusing and even slightly offensive which I suppose can be an interesting read.  Life is certainly much more difficult here in England than we expected.

3.  I want to have a record of life with the kids and I find it easier to write to people rather than to myself in a diary.  I enjoy two-way conversations so please feel free to respond to my blogs either positively or negatively.

So here goes.  I apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes I might make.  It’s been a while since I engaged my brain which most mums of small children will appreciate.  Thanks for listening.  Have to go now, Will is yelling for something.

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