Trying not to be so down on the English, but they make it so easy….

Ok, this is a quickie. Yesterday, I went to Gymboree with the 3 kids and had some time beforehand so I went to Starbucks to get a chai latte. I love Starbucks. I know it’s this big, boring corporation but they have target marketed me perfectly….nice ambiance, great for bringing in a big double stroller, lots of goodies to choose from for the kids, and lovely, indulgent, hot drinks.

So anyway, I’m paying for my drink and have my double stroller with the twins beside me and Will is on the other side clutching his lollipop that I consented to buy him so that he would quietly watch the twins from the sideline in Gymboree. There are about 4 people in line behind me and the cafe is about half full of people. I finish paying and then suddenly realize that the twins are gone. I turn around and I see that Jack (who was on the bottom of my Phil and Ted stroller) has managed to propel it backwards about 6 feet with his fat little leg. Not one person in line, nor anyone at the tables whom he has backed the stroller into has uttered a peep to let me know. In fact, the people in line actually had to move out of the way of the moving stroller when it was rolling backwards. What the hell??? What is wrong with these people? If the stroller was rolling into traffic would they even bother with a “pardon me”?   The people in line actually looked annoyed at me as if this was an inconvenience to them. I just don’t get it.

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