Babies Are Bad For Your Marriage

I am hoping this will change once the twins are a little older but I do think that having babies is the worst thing you can do for your marriage! Let’s recap the progression of my relationship with Jason:

1996 – We meet and are instantly attracted to each other but are dating other people.

1997 – We spend the last year flirting outrageously and finally get together after ending both of our previous relationships.

1998 – 2003 – Terribly sexy and fulfilling relationship. He’s the one. Can’t imagine life without him.

2004 – We get married!

2004 – 2006 – Married life is good. Enjoy big cities as a young married couple. Deal with usual small issues but all is good.

2006 – My first son is born.  Life changes dramatically.  Sleep is a huge issue and I do not deal with it well.  Lots of sniping with husband.

2007 – Things get a little better but there is no more time for “us”.   Life with one child seems overwhelming, especially in London with no family around.

2008 – The twins are born.  We look back at life with one child as the good life.  All hell breaks loose.  I never sleep a full night again.  I am a wreck and I do not treat my husband well.  (He is no angel either).

2009 – Things do not get better.

2010 – I am terribly hopeful that my husband and I can ‘rediscover’ each other.  It seems like I am just trying to get through each day.  I shower my babies with love but there is not much leftover for my husband.  Some days I think how different our life would be if we didn’t have three children under four years old.  How do people keep marriage alive with small children?? I have become such a grouch and he is not much better.

My advice to newly married couples:  Wait to have children!


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  1. can’t imagine how tired you must be…i always said i would have lots of kids but no more than 3 years apart….

    a three year old is a small child..a two year old is still a baby….

    as it turned out mine were 10 and 7 when number three came along…

    but some people say that the good part of having them so close together is that they grow up quicker…you could have it all done and dusted in 20 years where i just lost my last chickadee after nearly 29 years!!!

    all i can say is try to enjoy the small joys of life with kids and carve out some romantic moments with your husband…cause when the kids though you will want to be sure you have each other to enjoy!!!

    happy new year!!

    • Thanks. Had a very bad day with the husband today — great way to end the year. Had to vent. Love him dearly but drives me nuts.

  2. don’t they all!! 🙂 We only have one that is 3 and we are thinking about having another one.. but I agree with you.. It is soo different now.. no outside family support here either so I feel it’s all me taking care of her and the last time we went on a date just us I was pregnant !! :/

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