Ba-naaaaa-na not Ba-nah-na

Will, my 3 1/2-year-old is developing his verbal skills quickly. The only problem is that he is getting an English accent. It’s seems odd to me that two parents from the East coast of America have a son who sounds like Tiny Tim. One of my amusements has been trying to get him to say words with an American accent. Lately, we have been working on ‘banana’. The Brits say ‘ba-nah-na’, as does my son. I’ve been somewhat successful lately but he’ll only say American ‘banana’ when I prompt him. He went over to his friend (3-yr-old) Jessica’s house to play and she heard him saying ‘banana’ my way and immediately said, “That’s not right! It’s ba-nah-na!”. Thereafter, Will only said it the British way. Oh well.  I guess peer pressure starts early.

I’ll work on ‘tomato’ next.

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  1. wait til he wants pizza with
    ‘or e GAHN oh’ brother!!

  2. On the + side = when he’s older he’ll be a hit with the American ladies 😛

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